Who is good on youtube and twitch for online poker and casino?

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Here are some great streamers and youtubers who play casino games and I will update the list over time as I find more. Online casino streaming is booming and there is a lot to watch.

He is an Indian-Swedish twitch streamer (he no longer streams on YouTube) who is not afraid to enjoy his big wins.

I have been a passionate fan of Rostein since the early days and his rise to fame on Twitch has been huge, he gets up to 35k viewers every time he goes online and I can admit that I am often one of them and I have a bunch in my bag his dirty undeserved points (he distributes points redeemable for items in his store while watching and when he wins big). Check it out!

Rostein goes on the air for 8-12 hours almost every day and plays at the maximum stakes. I’m working on a clips page where you can check out some of the highlights of his big wins. vine

Often the fact that a streamer is using max bets makes them more attractive to watch than even the streamer (although Rosh is the undisputed king of slot machine streaming in my eyes) because you can see insane wins (and losses) and he likes to play for the camera and go crazy when the big wins come.

I traded some of his points years ago for a postcard, and yes, he did send me a postcard, check it out..

Rostein Postcard1
Rostein Postcard1
Rostein postcard
Rostein postcard

I even thanked him in the chat for this when some people made a little fuss about it – that they didn’t get anything. I told him that his handwriting was very neat and he read it aloud. He was very pleased with it, I think I put the haters to bed, so to speak, and said thanks. It’s nice (and a little weird) when you comment on a live broadcast and a major streamer reacts to it.

On my youtube channel TPEGAMES (now got a custom url) he also commented on one of his flashy videos.


Rosstein’s latest big win of $17.5 million

This is a new player that I added to the list, and he is mainly interesting because he plays at maximum stakes. If you haven’t watched it before, you need to get ready for complete degeneration, swearing and total nastiness. After a while, it becomes charming enough to watch for a short amount of time, but sometimes it’s really just disgusting. He once collaborated with Rostein on his streams for a while, but ultimately Rosstein’s gentleman persona couldn’t handle the relentless “Juice, bitch” comment. He seems to have gained a large following through other streaming activities and has surpassed Rostein in terms of viewership. They both seem to have around 30k viewers per stream right now, and are the two main slots players on Twitch as far as I know.

This man is tireless at his maximum stakes and can burn millions in less than an hour. There were times when it seemed to him that he was about to go broke and he would have to completely close – so he really lives up to the name “Trainwrecks”. He seems to have come to his senses a bit now, but that kind of casts doubt on the authenticity of what he’s doing, since some of it must be outright fake because it seems impossible for someone to constantly lose millions like him.

I don’t know much about the business model of streamers, most of it I think it’s just not worth trying to speak frankly as it attracts unwanted attention and criticism. I know Roche has always been very outspoken about how his earnings as a casino affiliate are what keep him from losing his losses and he refuses donations and has no subscribers. On the other hand, Train has subscribers, and therefore earns revenue from subscriptions and ads. What kind of deal he has with Stake (a popular crypto platform for slot machines), I do not know. Personally, I’ve had issues with Stake and wouldn’t recommend them, but they tend to use them for streaming because they allow for higher stakes. Somehow he manages to keep playing.

Team Tonkaaap, also known as Neverlucky, has a great entertaining personality and plays high stakes poker. He streams live on Twitch (with a 3 minute delay) and also uploads the best of his broadcasts for some very entertaining YouTube videos (if you like poker). Visit his website at https://teamneverlucky.com/ where there is a link to his streams on twitch and a store of goods.

As of today, he has 37 thousand subscribers, and it seems that in the near future their number will be even more. Among the many failures, several very big wins can be found, including one somewhere where he wins about $115,000 for 2nd place. Not so bad. You can see him regularly playing $1,000+ tournaments, usually burning through 2-5,000 buy-ins per session. Tonka is sponsored by 888 and therefore often plays there as well as many other sites.

Jamie “Jimmy” Staples is a Canadian poker video player. He shows confidence and plays well on the pitch with some good victories. His twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/pokerstaples

I just checked his channel and he is currently “accepting” Kevin Martin. This is what streamers do to help each other: if they finish streaming or go offline, they will stream their friends’ or colleagues’ feeds to help each other find new fans.

Jimbo is a great streamer and youtuber and has had a lot of success playing online slots.

His classic big win was on the dead or alive slot, where he won around 45k in the bonus feature at one time.

Here in the video below, you can see him making a chicken and pita bread surprise – if that’s the kind of thing you like.


This is an online community of slot machines and game streamers. On their YouTube channel, they publish videos with the victories of different people and their reactions. Just win reactions over and over again, which is usually more interesting than watching ups and downs. Worth checking out.

Lex is a Dutch professional gambler. He started with online poker and then moved into the live scene, now playing both. It has successfully launched on Twitch and YouTube and is well worth checking out. In the video below, you can see him take first place with a $22,000 prize. Good.

This is a great slots channel that features a gang of Swedish guys (English speaking) yelling and yelling for big wins, not just one broadcaster. He has great energy and some really great wins.

NIckslots is a slot player, twitch streamer and youtuber with a dedicated live streaming schedule from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 16:00 GMT. https://www.twitch.tv/nickslots He also has a lot of content on his YouTube channel. He’s fun to watch, and he does pranks. I watched his last YouTube video last night and it was very interesting to see him get some good victories.

David is another one of my recommended players from the Casinogrounds team. He is a Dutch player, a pleasant and laid-back man with a majestic red beard. It can often be found in streaming slots on both Twitch and Youtube. I’m watching him today in a good mood because he just got back from a shopping trip in Amsterdam where he’s reportedly updated his wardrobe after some good victories lately. He often plays super lazy.and Tradacasino.

Excellent slot machine player, speaks Finnish occasionally but mostly speaks English. He is very interesting to watch, and he plays at very high stakes.


If you have a suggestion that should be added to the list, or perhaps you think your channel should be here, please send it to Feedback form.


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