Using Price Action to Listen to the Market


The Forex market provides clues as to what it is most likely to do next. These clues can be put together like puzzle pieces to help you better understand where the market has been, what it’s doing now, and what it might do in the near future.

Basically, the market “speaks” to us through price action and all we have to do is learn to listen and interpret what it is telling us in this price action “language”. But how exactly do we do it?

• Understanding the language of price action

By learning the simple price action trading strategies I teach, you can understand what the natural price action of the market is trying to tell you. This includes being able to interpret not only specific price bar formations, but also how and when to trade them. So, if you really want to understand what the market is trying to tell you, you need to learn how to “listen” not only to the price action setups I teach, but also to the right time to trade them.

This means learning to recognize Forex market bias and choose your trades wisely, which includes learning to recognize trending and non-trending markets, confluence factors, and what an A+ Forex price action setup looks like. This is the essence of what you will learn in my Forex trading course and will really give you the tools you need to start listening to price action in the Forex market.

• The market “talks” during the close

The closing price determines the winner between bulls and bears for each individual price bar. While the price bar is still open, the battle between bulls and bears is not over yet. I see some traders discussing potential setups on my forum that are not closed yet. It’s just useless because you can’t interpret what the market is trying to say until the bar/candle has closed.

• Let the market “show you its cards”

Instead of trying to guess what it will do, let the market show its cards to you, so to speak. Once you master price action trading, you will gain a high probability trading edge that you can wait patiently in the market. If you know what you are looking for, there is no reason to over-trade because you either have an edge or you don’t. People who overtrade don’t listen to the market, instead they listen to their mind and emotions. You look at the chart and you see what the price said, you either have an edge or you don’t. If you doubt what the market is telling you, don’t trade.

When it comes to Forex trading, we never want to force things. The market will sometimes speak very clearly and loudly through price action. It is at this time that you listen to the market and trade accordingly. You must make a conscious effort to make sure the market is speaking to you clearly and loudly, and therefore you want to avoid trading when the market is just whispering. The best price action trades are almost always the most obvious ones; the ones that seem to “jump” out of the graph on you. If you learn to trade with patience and truly master my price action trading strategies, you will have no problem hearing price action in the Forex market.

Click the following link for great price action training videos.

Good trading as always – Niall Fuller

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