The Evolution of Roulette Types


Roulette is the most popular game in the country’s online casinos, being the only game that you can safely enjoy live. Being able to bet on live roulette has gained millions of followers who love to play with a real dealer in the comfort of their homes.

The best online casinos that we recommend today have innovated their catalogs to offer many more variants that, if you have not tried them, we are sure you will love them. From auto-RNG roulette to live casino roulette with loads of multipliers, limits to suit any budget, super fun themes and many other surprises.

Our favorite roulettes
Among the 10 best casino games in Spain we find roulette, this being the preferred option for lots of online users who have crowned it as the favorite queen, so we have set ourselves the task of compiling the roulette wheels that we like the most and the casinos where it is much faster and safer to play them.
Once you are registered in any of the online casinos on our list, you can start enjoying the version of roulette that you like the most, wherever you go, on your computer or mobile, 24 hours a day.
We start our list of recommendations with this Playtech sports innovation that mixes two favorites in Spain, roulette and soccer. The result? A very fun version that gives you even more opportunities to make your winning combinations.
Although it is very similar to Premium European Roulette, the mechanics of European Soccer Roulette are quite simple. In this version you will be able to place several bets by making combinations of Level, Orphan and Neighbor numbers from zero that increase your chances of winning, also adding all the excitement of soccer.
In roulette, the more bets, the more chances you will have to hit, from the most famous ones such as the Odd and Even ones, to the Red or Black ones or the Pass and Foul. Adrenaline is guaranteed at European Football Roulette, both in its desktop version and in the one that you can carry on your mobile.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live

If live roulette is your thing, Mega Fire Blaze Roulette offers one of the most innovative live experiences on the market, where unlike Fire Blaze slots, here your games are broadcast from the casino so you don’t miss any movement .


We know that you may have many doubts about the world of roulette in Spain, its variants have been increasing and the possibility of playing it live is also a reality, so we have created this space to answer the most frequently asked questions that you may have. have before you start exploring the options.

Where can I play roulette safely?

We have compiled for you all the casinos with roulette variants where you can find a very varied and safe offer. These are legal casinos that have an operating license granted by the DGOJ that also stand out for their data protection systems on their websites, making your online experience meet your expectations.

What types of variants exist in Spain?

The world of casino games in the country is very wide. Among the favorite roulette games you will find many new and very fun variants, so we have gathered the best options that are available in the safest casinos, so you can enjoy them at any time.

What roulette can I play live with multipliers?

Roulette is the only live game with authorization from the DGOJ, which is why you can find it in all of the operators’ live casino sections. Among our favorite options is Mega Fire Roulette, which combines traditional European roulette, with multipliers and loads of bonuses in its ring of fire theme.

What is the lowest limit roulette wheel?

In our list we have included roulettes for all types of pockets and whatever your budget, you will find the one that best suits you. If we talk about very low limits, Penny Roulette is, without a doubt, the indicated option because you can bet up to one cent and win up to 35 times your bet.

Which roulette is the most different option to the classic options?

We have included Flamy’s Roulette which, if you don’t know it and are looking for an extraordinary option, you will surely love it. In the best style of a roulette wheel, but with some graphic modifications, you will follow the route of Flamy that simulates the ball until it falls into its box and, if you are correct, you have hit it with prizes of up to x42.

What roulette has a different live concept?

If by different experience you mean something much more professional, like something out of a movie studio, we have Real Dealer Roulette for you. Successfully this roulette has been driving casino fans crazy who want a luxurious experience without leaving home, with very professional dealers and attractive payout rates.


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