Problems with online casinos – how to solve them quickly

Problems with online casinos - how to solve them quickly

Even the best New Zealand online casinos can experience issues and glitches from time to time. Experienced players in such situations know roughly how to behave and what to expect, while for new players it can be a somewhat stressful experience.

Before you start to panic, take a five-second break and pull yourself together, because in such situations, most problems are quickly and easily solved with the help of online casino support or your banking method.

In more serious cases where an online casino is ignoring your requests, you have the option of getting a licensor who can act as an ace in the hole for players who are having problems with an online casino. Online casino owners have a lot to lose if the regulator revokes their license, so the most important operators in such cases will not remain indifferent.

In order to explain to you in more detail how to quickly and with minimal effort resolve unpleasant situations, our team has described several common problems that arise in online casinos.

The casino does not accept submitted documents

After registering and activating a casino account, it is recommended to verify your identity. This process is known as the Know Your Customer protocol. In order to meet this casino requirement, you must upload your valid ID (ID card, passport or government-issued driver’s license). As well as an invoice in your name and address no older than three months. The papers must be clearly visible and, of course, correspond to the data you entered when registering at the casino. Pay attention to the file size and format. The casino may only accept a special document, but in most cases it will work with jpg and pdf formats.

Paid money is not credited to your casino account

In some cases, you may encounter a paradoxical problem during the deposit. You paid money and it left your bank account, but the casino account balance is zero. Do not panic, the main thing here is patience, money cannot disappear so easily. Do not contact support immediately, but wait a few minutes, because transfer delays are very common between banks and other online stores or, in this case, casinos.

However, if the error does not go away after a few minutes, even if you refresh the screen and clear the cookies in your browser, contact support for help in finding a deposit that got lost in cyberspace. To expedite the investigation and help the payment team, take a screenshot of the transaction. Setting a deposit limit can also prevent you from making deposits.

Also, check if you have a credit card usage limit and an online casino game limit. payment transactions with foreign companies do not work in the same way as transactions that you make within your own country, especially if you are in a country where gambling is prohibited.

The casino does not pay out winnings

You risked your money and put in your time and effort to win a certain amount of money- But you know what!? The casino refuses to pay out some or all of your winnings. This is every online casino player’s worst nightmare and also the biggest cause of complaints.

But before you start blaming the casino, ask yourself if you have broken the community rule. In most cases, the casino will cancel the winnings of players who behaved dishonestly.

It includes:

  • opening several game accounts from one IP address,
  • registering an account with false information,
  • underage player, etc.
  • If you ignored the terms of the bonus package or violated the rules, this is another reason to cancel the winnings.

During your withdrawal request, the casinos will first process your request before transferring the money to your bank account.

Each casino handles a withdrawal request differently, and differences in payout times vary.

The payout time depends on the banking method you use. When using an electronic wallet, the transaction time for a payout from a casino to your electronic account can last from a few seconds to a couple of hours. Using traditional banking methods such as bank transfers can take up to a few days. The processing time for your request is a completely different story and can take anywhere from a few hours (at online casinos with fast payouts) to several days.

Your request may be canceled because your identity has not been verified, the KYC protocol has not been completed, or the withdrawal amount does not exceed the minimum specified in the terms and conditions of the casino. Please note that the financial departments of casinos and banks are closed on weekends.

Also, do not forget the rule that the withdrawal method must be the same as the deposit method, unless you have agreed another method with the online casino support service.

Bonuses canceled

You found a very attractive welcome bonus, opened an account and made your first deposit, but did not receive the bonus. Big disappointment, right?

However, you dig a little deeper into the terms and conditions of the bonus and find that the bonus is not valid if you use an e-wallet, or the bonus is only valid for Bitcoin players. Also, the bonus will not be activated if you have not made a large enough deposit to activate.

Most casinos require a minimum of $20 to activate the bonus. That’s why we always advise new players to read the fine print under the bonus caps to avoid disappointment and disappointment.

Also, an already activated bonus can be voided if you try to meet the wagering requirements with too much wager, the bonus has expired or you try to pay out before the wagering requirements are met.

It is also very important that you know that you can only activate the bonus once per IP address, even if the casino has multiple target markets. Do not use a VPN to cheat the casino because you will get caught and losing the bonus can be considered the mildest punishment.

No internet connection

Sometimes the problem can be a broken or very weak Wi-Fi network. Online casinos do not require a good phone or tablet, but they do require a strong Wi-Fi network. You need a reliable internet connection, especially if you are playing a live casino. If your Internet connection is interrupted while playing, don’t worry, because the results of all game rounds are saved in the online casino database. You can find the result of your last round in the game settings. The unfinished game will be played regardless of the fact that you lost the connection, and the winnings will be automatically credited to your account. The next game will not start by itself, even if you set autoscroll.

Game freezes

To avoid all the annoying bugs, we recommend that you always use the latest version of Google Chrome to play online games through your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Because sometimes you may have problems that a certain game does not support the browser you are using. In addition, some games may be Adobe Flash Player and require the download of the same or a Java plugin. Check your browser settings and see if pop-ups are allowed.

5 Tips for Successfully Solving Problems at Online Casinos

  1. Check the reliability of your Internet connection and gaming device settings.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the bonus and the casino. There you can find many reasons to prevent problems.
  3. Contact Support. Feel free to contact support via live chat, email, phone or any other means. Be specific in describing your problem and include the name of the game, bet size, payout/deposit, type of payment method used for withdrawal/deposit, and so on.
  4. If you are having trouble transferring money and the casino support team cannot help you, contact your grandmother and ask her for help. Master Card, for example, offers an efficient refund system in such cases.
  5. Complain to a supervisory authority. If the casino refuses to help you solve a problem situation, you have every right to contact the regulatory authority whose license is held by a casino, for example, UKGC.
  6. Always be patient and don’t rush to point fingers, insult and fight online. Most problems can be solved with positive, problem-solving energy.


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