PMI: why get noticed on Google

PMI: why get noticed on Google

SMEs represent the main fabric of Italy’s economy. Out of over 4 million active companies, the micro enterprises with fewer than 10 employees, they are 95.05%, indicatively compared with the 0.09% of large companies.

The real SMEs they are about 206,000, almost 5% of the Italian economy.

The real noteworthy figure, according to what is reported by an authoritative source such as the blog, is that they generate 41% of the entire turnover, well over 30% of those employed in both the public and private sectors .

Important numbers, even more so when compared with the other EU states which see only one significant exception, similar to Italy: Germany.

For SMEs, as well as for the other realities of the Belpaese, today there is a market where it is essential to get noticed: that online. Digitization represents a challenge not only for the current era, but even more for the future, being a constantly growing trend.

If search engines were once different, there was a sort of “biodiversity”, today one dominates mainly: Google. This is where the realities of the economy need to get noticed.

Something that cannot be improvised, since Big G has precise rules and constant updates that are hard to keep up with even for the most experienced professionals.

For companies it seems increasingly essential to establish a partnership with a Web Agency like eviblu.itspecialized in integrated digital sales, i.e. a system that allows you to obtain a greater number of visits, requests and therefore customers.

A sea full of fish

In this article we analyze how it is possible for SMEs, but also for other companies, the mechanisms are the same, to get noticed on Google. Something essential within a market which in 2021 he was capable of almost 40 billion in turnover.

Who can you find online? Most of the Italian companies, to date, through solutions such as website, e-commerce and social networks. Many subject them to constant restyling and monitoring.

Because? Simple: to be more competitive on the web and get noticed on Google by your target audience, staying up-to-date and competitive.

A exponential growththe current one, and achieved in a very short time if we consider that in 2017 the realities that had a website were equal to 70% (against 61% in 2010).

Digital development is still ongoing, it is no coincidence that it is at the heart of the PNRR funds, the objective of which is to fill a gap that has been created over the last few decades.

What really matters is that the sea that is the internet is already abundantly full of fish.

Also because, and it should never be forgotten, on Google companies from the Belpaese find themselves facing competition not only from direct national competitors, but also from similar ones potentially present all over the world.

We are still in one context of globalizationwhere mantra remained unchanged: Think Global, Act Local.

The importance of a tailored strategy

For companies, in the age of the Digital Revolution, it is essential to be ready and prepared. In a nutshell: have one targeted business strategy.

This can only be achieved by trained, qualified and up-to-date professionals; highly specialized figures who find themselves working in teams. A Web Agency turns out to be the optimal solution, since it contemplates and prepares them on its own.

To get noticed on Google, through a tailor-made strategy, it is essential to collaborate with professionals such as Marketing Strategist, SEO and SEM Specialist, Social Media Managerspecialists in content creation and Graphic designerjust to name a few.

Every situation is different, every business is different. The optimal channels will have to be identified, some social rather than others, so as to optimize the website. In this way the result will be 100% guaranteed.


The Internet is the alpha and omega for businesses. A beacon, a point of reference, a challenge, both for those who have face-to-face and online activities, not to mention the companies, and they are the majority, who operate on both fronts.

Digital communication with a high strategic impact represents the winning solution, capable of making a difference. Provided it is not “do it yourself” but made by qualified professionals.


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