Overwatch 2: How to mitigate damage

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Overwatch 2 has a variety of statistics that you can track while playing the game, such as Eliminations, Damage Dealt, Healing, or Damage Mitigated. The latter in particular is an interesting statistic, as it tracks the amount of damage you blocked from enemies. There are actually multiple sources of damage mitigation in the game, and knowing how to mitigate damage is essential, as mitigating damage can be a challenge you can clear for Battle Pass XP. Here’s how to mitigate damage in Overwatch 2.

It may seem obvious that the most consistent way to mitigate damage is by using a shield. With shield heroes like Reinhardt, Sigma, or Brigitte, you can easily raise your damage mitigated stat, as it will simply take the damage you soak up and add it to your MIT stat. However, shields are not the only way you can mitigate damage in Overwatch 2and there are some damage mitigation methods you might not expect.

How to mitigate damage in Overwatch 2

The other common method to mitigate damage in Overwatch 2 is through projectile absorption. D.Va’s ‘Defense Matrix’ ability or Sigma’s ‘Kinetic Grasp’ can soak up projectiles, which will be reflected in your damage mitigation stat. Another interesting method of damage mitigation is damage reduction. Abilities that reduce the amount of damage you take, such as Roadhog’s ‘Take a Breather’ or Doomfist’s ‘Power Block’ will also contribute to your damage mitigated. Ana’s ‘Nano Boost’ will also mitigate damage this way.

Tanks aren’t the only heroes who can mitigate damage. Another way to increase your damage mitigation stat is through temporary health. Brigitte’s ultimate ‘Rally,’ Lucio’s ultimate, ‘Sound Barrier,’ and Junker Queen’s ‘Shout’ are examples of some abilities that provide temporary health. Any damage taken from temporary health will contribute to damage mitigated. There are also unique scenarios that will mitigate damage. Zarya’s particle barrier‘ and Mei’s Ice Wall‘ for example will contribute to your damage mitigated in the game. Genji’s reflect‘ and Baptiste’s Immortality Field‘ will also contribute to your damage mitigated stat.

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If you are looking to mitigate damage for a challenge, it’s highly recommended to use a simple shield hero like Reinhardt or Sigma. This will allow you to gain the most damage mitigated for your statistics. However, there are other fascinating ways to mitigate damage, and you should try experimenting with different heroes to raise your stats. That’s all you need to know about mitigating damage in Overwatch 2.


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