Mobile, the characteristics of smartphones for gaming


Published by: x0x Shinobi x0x- on: 2022-12-19 11:59 Updated on: 2022-12-20 12:01

Smartphone stores make an ever-increasing number of games available to users, which can be identified with keywords or by searching for them in the various rankings and categories. At the time of installation and then subsequently with the required updates, the “weight” of a given application, whether it is a card game or a digital version of a newspaper, varies. Updates usually make apps heavier precisely by virtue of the additions that are made, but this is not always the case. Not enough space on a mobile device could be a problem to continue using the desired application but there are alternatives where the space and speed problems of an app do not exist.

Via the web there are several sites with a wide margin of choice in terms of games: it can be the right opportunity to get in touch with novelties or traditional games of which you were not aware or of which you had lost track; varied and multiple are, in fact, i board games that you can discover online in both desktop and mobile versions. Mobile devices do not require a particular prowess or storage space, at least for web browsing since most sites are set up like a catalog: you browse, locate the game and start. The websites, as well as the smartphone stores, have a very similar setup, at least from an organizational point of view: in both it is easy to identify the games through the category section or in the search box, identifiable with the magnifying glass symbol ‘magnify.

The situation is slightly different if one takes into consideration the speed of play in an exchange of cards in a game of chance or a shot on goal in a football game. In order to be viewed, websites need a connection: whether it is under a wi-fi network or with the consumption of gigabytes available from your tariff, it does not matter, however, if you have a limited number of gigabytes, the possibilities that the game, no matter which one is playing, it has a pretty high percentage of slowdown. This is because gigabytes are often bound to a maximum threshold and their use is marked by notifications showing the remaining percentage. It is advisable to play under a wi-fi network that guarantees the necessary stability to enjoy without running into problems of a technical nature. It doesn’t happen often but it can also happen that even the modems for the wi-fi connection have problems related to performance.

Observing the panorama of smartphones on the market available today, in recent years it seems that a compromise is being sought between high costs and technical characteristics such as to guarantee excellent playability through screens. There are numerous elements to take into consideration, first of all the RAM: 12, 16 or even 18 GB are excellent and allow even the heaviest games to run quickly without slowdowns of any kind. Equally noteworthy is the storage space: the most expensive ones exceed 500 GB but this is an aspect that can sometimes be improved thanks to external memories or specially created online spaces, such as iCloud. Playing on a smaller device than a normal computer, the size of the display is fundamental: it must not be too large because you would lose functionality in relation to the use of the phone, however a screen that is too small makes the game difficult. Each display, depending on the technology adopted for its creation, can be subjected to a series of parameters to understand its main aspects: it can be evaluated for resolution, brightness, consumption and reflections of sunlight.

One last very important aspect related to phones is related to battery life: in some cases it can last less if the game in question constantly requires an internet connection, but this is not always necessary. In fact, the smartphone stores make available to users offline versions of the games which are therefore not bound to any connection. Faithfully reproduced are the card games, as well as the board games, which differ in nothing from the originals, which are experiencing a real boom in recent years. Of these games, especially as regards the decks, some are offered in more colorful versions and with different suits than the traditional ones: the aim of the game, however, remains unchanged while the possibilities for fun increase.


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