How to Organize a Fundraising Night at a Casino

How to Organize a Fundraising Night at a Casino

Let’s say you’re looking for ways to raise money for your organization. Whether it’s for charity, a club, or a social event, a fundraiser night at a casino can attract many more guests and result in a greater number and value of donations. We will look at a few key aspects that you need to consider in order for your casino fundraising party to be a success.

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Casino Fundraising Night


The venue is arguably an important aspect of a successful casino fundraising night. The venue must be easily accessible by various modes of transport to accommodate the desired number of guests, as well as have additional space for multiple casino tables and other forms of entertainment. You must also take into account the date, time and duration of the event and match them against any external providers such as Sevens Nights Casinofor hiring casino tables.

Fundraising Options

Anyone planning a fundraising event can get creative by using a variety of fundraising methods for their charity, sports club, or community cause. Over the years of participating in events, we have seen the following:

  • Casino table sponsorship
    • The company will sponsor the cost of the casino table and promote its brand at the table.
  • Chip donation money
    • Participants must donate, say, £100 in exchange for £300 worth of chips to play Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold’em.
  • Live auctions
    • Frequently donated items and some of the best items available at the event, the charity auctions each item and sells it to the highest bidder.
  • Practical jokes
    • Sometimes exceptional items are available on the lottery, such as live auctions. Participants buy several lottery tickets in the hope of winning something and something good.
  • Cash bar
    • This is due to the easily accessible location for various modes of transport, so that those who want to drink can, and the charity can get a little more from those who just want juices, water or soft drinks.
  • Entry tickets
    • Let’s say your event has an incredible WOW factor, like a car available in a live auction or a luxury getaway in a raffle. In this case, you can justify charging admission fees, and they may even include a few chips to encourage further donations.

The trick to all these fundraising methods is to get them through donations.

Receive item donations

If you want your casino fundraising event to be an absolute success, you need to work hard to get the best physical item donations. Often individuals and businesses are hoping for something in exchange for their donations. So by creating a compelling return service, you are sure to get incredible items.

  • Designated Event Donor Page
    • Every donor, from an individual to a business, can be featured on this dedicated page. It can be their logo, a short description and, most importantly, a link to their website. It can stay on your site for several years.
  • Product promotion
    • Each donor can have their logo (business) or face (individual) on a small wooden stick and a card sign showing that they have donated that particular item.
  • Promotion in social networks and email campaigns (including paid campaigns)
    • For each new donation you receive, share it on social media to create excitement for the event and promote the donor.

Hold an event

After all of the above, start the event as planned. Guests will be willing to bid on a car if you show them a photo of the car that will be there that day. Most importantly, add a complete surprise that they didn’t expect, just to add a twist. You can view more information about Help with fundraising.


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