How to make $1 million using currency trading

How to make $1 million using currency trading

Which tool allows you to receive a 100% return on investment every month? It can’t be stocks and stocks as income from Warrant Buffet, the biggest investor in the world, which is only 25% of the maximum annual rate of return. If you trade a leveraged warrant or option, you can earn no more than 25% monthly returns. But when trading Forex with 200:1 or 500:1 leverage, achieving 100% monthly income is not a dream.

wetalktrade – one million dollars

What is Forex trading?

Forex is the largest financial trading market and it is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, moving from one currency market to another around the world. More than $3.5 trillion worth of currency is traded daily. Using leverage allows a trader to trade and earn up to 100% of their capital within a few days.

Example of a transaction in dollars

You start with $1,000 in an account with 500:1 leverage. If you play the full 100,000 Forex contracts, for every 1 lot you buy, you will need $200 to hold as margin. Each pip will cost you $10 and if you earn 100 pips per trade, you will earn $1,000 every day if you trade 1 lot for a profit of 100 pips per day. Each currency will vary from hundreds of pips to thousands of pips each week. If you can earn 100 pips every month, you will get 100% return on investment every month. It is possible if you are consistent.

Getting 100% every month

wetalktrade-get 100 percent

wetalktrade-get 100 percent

If you are more traditional and do not take too much risk, you can trade forex using a mini lot, which in turn is $1 per pip and you will need 1000 pips every month. There are many strategies that give you an average of 200 pips every month. You just need to choose 5 good strategies and use them within one year to reach your one million dollar goal. Always use 5 or more strategies so that you will still earn if any of the strategies are not profitable this month.

Profit1 1100 points and loss 1000 points

If you manage to make 1100 pips per month but lose 1000 pips in the same month with only 100 pips profit using the 100K contract, you will still make $1000 per month which is 100% ROI. Be consistent for 12 months and you will earn $1 million. This is considering that your drawdown does not always trigger a margin call. And your trading lot size increases once you reach 100% equity ROI. (1k=1 lot, 2k=2 lots, 4k=4 lots, 8k=8 lots and so on)

Forex trading has now become easier with the MT4 trading platform. This MT4 trading platform comes with a programming language for coding a winning strategy and a strategy tester for backtesting. These codes are called Expert Advisors and there are many Expert Advisors that give you over 100% ROI that you can choose from.


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