Drake’s roulette strategy and his $17,910,000.00 Stake win


Base Drake strategy in roulette makes big bets, depending on his intelligence and deep knowledge of the game, and relying on good luck charms. However, we can’t stress enough how much this famous rapper believes in good luck charms. Canadian singer Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is a well-known roulette fan.

Recently, the star from Toronto has been increasingly noticed playing roulette. In 2020 Drizzy bought Jacob Jeweler’s watch with a working roulette wheel for $600,000.

drake roulette the obsession finally paid off when he announced a new partnership with the Bitcoin sports betting platform known as Stake in January. The deal entailed Drake’s participation in the Stake, a live gambling event. The first event was broadcast live on May 26, 2022.

Drake roulette big win

Champagne Papi was a regular player on the Stake casino platform. A screenshot was once posted showing his Stake account with the username “DeepPockets6“, showing that he has wagered over a billion US dollars since starting his involvement with the casino.

R&B star may be known for his insane bet amounts; Similarly, he is also known for his insane victories. drake roulette winnings have been realized in the range of $200,000 to $20,000,000 which seems Drake roulette big win pretty standard.

January 2022 6God placed a bet of $215,000 on one roulette spin. However, to everyone’s amazement, he won the bet by accurately guessing the winning number on the wheel.

He then posted a video of the win on his Instagram story in which he said, “I guarantee you, this is a repeat 8.” Shortly thereafter, the ball landed on the number 8, causing Drake to explode from his seat in excitement.

In addition, he boasted about his chances of winning on social media, saying, “I’m a scientist.” So, apart from great looks, Drake also has great knowledge of the gambling industry. Here is a video where SteveWillDoIt tested Drake’s roulette strategy.

Drake Roulette Gambling

The Canadian star recently got lucky and had to thank Lil Baby in one of his latest outrageous wins. This victory happened in one of his live broadcasts during the Stake online casino prize draw. At this event, Drake won a staggering $17.9 million on a single roulette bet.

A few moments after that Drake roulette big winLil Baby, who was busy with a new collaboration at Drake’s estate in Toronto, casually entered the room. Seeing him, Drake called out to his friends, “Do you know why this happened? Because Lil Baby came in! That’s why”. Thus, Drake strategy in roulette not only relies on his whimsical claim to knowledge of roulette, but also believes in the appearance of good luck charms.


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