Digital Photo Frame Mysteries, Picture Size and Picture Format Explained

Digital Photo Frame What’s a pixel when it’s at home and when is a picture too big or too small for a digital photo frame. We take a look at this, plus how to get old pictures onto new digital photo frames.

Innovation is not necessarily the time saver and the great simplifier people try to make it out to be. Take for example the picture frame and the gradual conversion to the digital frame, and the added complications it has added to our lives.

Like digital cameras, the digital frame has cut down the cost of photography (remember how much money you used to drop on the cost of buying and processing films every month). However, the digital picture frame hasn’t helped people whose basic grasp of photography is limited to not much more than ‘the big button is the one that makes the picture’.

And let’s face it, that group includes you, me and much of the human race. This doesn’t make life easy for anyone selling wholesale digital  photo frames.

The size doesn’t seem to be a factor in how confused we can get when it comes to digital screens and getting the images that are right for them. Someone with a 7 digital photo frame can be just as confused as someone with a 8 inch digital photo frame and heaven help the poor person with the 10 digital frame.

And as gadgets gradually converge into one and people can do more and more with one thing things are going to get more complex too with people having to grapple with photo frames that are also a digital TV receiver, might work as a digital video frame or could even play music.

So before we get into the wiz-bang wizardry that has turned cell phones and media players into incomprehensible devices let’s have a look at a couple of  questions:

Do you need to re-size the pictures? What formats do pictures need to be in?
What should I do to photos look good on digital picture frames?
How can I transfer old pictures to digital frames?

Do you need to re-size the pictures?

This question can be especially tricky for people trying to source wholesale digital photo frames. The answer to this question very much depends on what type of digital photo frame you’ve got. Home digital frames and larger-sized electronic picture frames won’t be a problem, regardless of whether they’re 7 digital photo frame or 10 digital picture frame. However, keychain digital picture frames tend to be a little more difficult and you may need to resize these.

What formats do pictures need to be in?

Depending on what digital picture frame you buy and the digital picture frame you have the format could be quite different.

Regardless of whether it’s a 7 inch digital frame, or any kind of digital frame most of the common picture formats should work on it. These are usually JPEG, as well as the occasional digital picture frame that plays Tiff and BMP as well.

While JPEG is the most common digital photo format a digital photo frame will show there’s no need to get concerned as this is the digital format used by most digital cameras and image devices.

If you’re trying to get wholesale digital photo frames then you might want to make sure it at least displays the JPEG format, as it is the one that most people are most likely to be operating in.


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