Digital entertainment: in Italy the sector is growing faster than the GDP


Published by: on: 08-11-2022 17:55 Updated on: 08-11-2022 18:14

The digital entertainment industry enjoys excellent health in Italy and this emerges strongly from the data recorded by the major analysis and research companies, which, in addition to certifying the excellent results already obtained in recent years, forecast further growth for the next four years. Here’s the gist of the situation.

Data on digital entertainment in our country

2022 is drawing to a close, but online entertainment operators can already be satisfied with what was recorded this year too: the growth trend confirmed in the January-June period, in fact, unbalances analysts, who they expect the year to end at 36.6 billion euroan increase of more than 2 billion compared to 2021 and almost 10% compared to 2020.

The sector therefore does not seem to have suffered from the economic difficulties in the last three years but, indeed, it is even strengthened by the changes that have arisen in our society, increasingly connected to the web and looking for easy-to-use solutions for fun and entertainment. All this leads experts to hypothesize even more positive scenarios, with a further ascent until at least 2026 favored by various factors, such as the improvement of technologies and ever greater accessibility even for those groups usually more distant from the use of the internet: according to consultancy firm PwCin fact, the entire sector should exceed 40 billion euros within the next four years, continuing to record periodic increases greater than those of the national GDP.

E&M, what are the liveliest segments

The sector Entertainment & Media it includes different types of content, even very different from each other and therefore able to catalyze the attention of different user groups. Analyzing the individual segments is therefore very interesting to better understand in which direction the market is moving and what to expect for the future.

Digitization has favored several changes in the consumption habits of Italians, which more and more often they spill over to the web and mobile apps to look for the leisure opportunities that best suit your tastes. The wide variety of offers available today also allows everyone to find interesting and easy-to-use solutions, whether it’s music or videogames.

just thelistening to music online represents one of the sectors in the best shape, with growth of 12.7% and an increase of almost half a billion euros in turnover, as is the clear growth of video streaming platforms (+14.6%) and those of game (+6.6%), where for example virtual rooms with slots latest generation like Sweet Bonanza they now attract thousands of enthusiasts every day.

Real boom, then, for the virtual reality with a +21.3% and for the e-sportsi.e. videogame competitions held at a competitive level, which score a +48.2% and which are increasingly approaching, due to media interest, traditional sports.

VR and new devices: what to expect in the near future

As mentioned earlier, the digital entertainment growth expected between now and 2026 it is linked to various aspects, first of all the improvement of the technologies available, which will make it possible on the one hand to make services more accessible and, on the other, to offer new and better opportunities for recreation. The introduction of virtual reality and its application to platforms already in use will allow, for example, to render online experiences are much more immersive and excitingand, taking the users directly into the game scenarios or into three-dimensionally reconstructed settings.

Obviously everything will be favored by one increased diffusion of broadbandas from objectives of the Digital Agenda, and the availability of devices that are easy to connect and use, which will allow even those who are not particularly good at using technology not to give up the pleasure of having fun online. In this sense, not only personal computers, smartphones and tablets but also smart TVs and voice assistants they will prove to be essential inside homes, guaranteeing new solutions capable of integrating with each other and supporting the user in the wide-ranging management of daily activities. An epochal change whose extent we will probably see already in the coming months, even more if the economic and geopolitical situation should finally get back on track.


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