2022 showed the world the importance of self-control. Meanwhile, Bitcoin.com is proud to continue to develop and improve the tools that allow millions of people to safely and easily interact with decentralized finance in a self-service mode. This year, all improvements have been focused on helping our users move from centralized exchanges, where they are exposed to counterparty risk, to self-custody products and services, where they are in complete control of their assets. Below are some of the improvements we’ve been working on this year. Bitcoin.commission to create more economic freedom in the world.

In January, we added functionality to track price movements and get key insights into the best crypto assets on the market. Bitcoin Wallet. Now staying on top of the market is easier than ever.

In March we announced VERSE, native reward and utility token Bitcoin.com ecosystem. VERSE gives newbies and crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to benefit from Bitcoin.com ecosystem and untapped potential of the best name in crypto.

In May, Bitcoin.com completed a $33.6M VERSE Private Sale featuring major industry players including Digital Strategies, KuCoin Ventures, Blockchain.comViaBTC Capital, Redwood City Ventures, BoostX Ventures, and individual opinion leaders and influencers including Roger Ver and Jihan Wu.

In July, we integrated over 100 of the most popular ERC-20 tokens into Bitcoin Wallet. Get the full list of available tokens here.

We have also enabled Unstoppable domains, which allows Bitcoin Wallet users to send crypto to the full range of human-readable addresses such as elizabeth.crypto. Read more about Unstoppable domains, how to get them and how to use them in your Bitcoin.com wallet, read here.

In September, we added Avalanche support to our self-hosted website3. wallet. This provides an intuitive yet secure access to the Avalanche decentralized network with high throughput and low fees.

October was an important milestone month as we celebrated the 35 millionth self-custody wallet created in Bitcoin Wallet since launch in June 2017. With 25 million wallets in November 2021, that’s 10 million wallets created in less than a year!

We have added functionality to Bitcoin Wallet this gives a warning if users interact with a blockchain address marked as high-risk by HAPI, an online cybersecurity protocol designed to prevent fraud and hacker attacks.

Since launch, the system has provided automatic warnings to more than 350 people that the address they send messages to may be fraudulent. Most of these people chose not to make the transaction.

November marked the start of the public sale of the VERSE token, with tens of thousands of pre-registered buyers finally able to purchase the token. Bitcoin.com ecosystem token.

We also announced the CEX Education Program, a program that will compensate customers affected by the insolvency of centralized crypto companies and encourage the adoption of decentralized finance and self-service. The CEX Education Program will receive resources from Bitcoin.comVERSE ecosystem token. Read more.

Bitcoin.comdecentralized exchange, Verse dex, released in November with Ethereum support. This means that anyone can now trade Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens without a DEX permit. Learn how to use Verse DEX in a Bitcoin.com self-custody wallet. here.

Notable cybersecurity experts in Kudelsky Security completed a comprehensive audit Bitcoin Wallet, discovering that there is no realistic scenario in which an attacker could compromise a user’s private keys. As a result Bitcoin.com The decentralized wallet features, threats, and potential attack vectors were considered minor. The full report can be found here.

Finally, the high-speed, low-cost Ethereum Polygon sidechain has been added to Bitcoin Wallet.

During the first week of December, the first VERSE block was released on Ethereum. The token immediately became available on Verse dex with thousands of transactions.

We have also opened applications for the Verse Community. The Verse community is committed to supporting developers and contributors through initiatives, events, and projects that expand the Verse ecosystem on Bitcoin.com. Check Poetry Community Page for more information about our community grants.

Use a wallet trusted by millions to exchange between 100+ cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.comVERSE ecosystem token. Here’s how simple it is:

VERSE can now be purchased on the popular crypto exchange without registration. Sideshift.ai. You can exchange over 75 cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin.comVERSE ecosystem token without the need to create an account. Read more.


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