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Have internet at home, to date, not it’s more a luxury. When the Internet started to spread, it did so on tiptoe, it was welcomed by Italians mainly in offices; later, it became an integral part of the family and spread to every single house.

Years and years ago owning a computer wasn’t for everyone; later, with the progress of needs dictated by a society that was slowly evolving and converting to digital, the Italians began to buy more and more PCs.

To work this very useful technological tool needs a connection to the internet. Today we are immersed in a 100% society smartso it is essential to have a connection rapid and keep pace with ours needs working, daily but also, and above all, economic. Before continuing, in fact, it is good to compare the home internet offers to select the one most in line with your needs.

When it comes to the Internet, some identify it with the most famous search engine in the world, that is Google. The latter contains all the know of the Planet, there are those who use the following statement to define this famous search engine: “If you are looking for the answer to your question, know that it is within you. Or you can find it on Google”. So let’s see her story.

Google, the story

Google was officially born on September 27, 1998; the company itself, on the other hand, was founded earlier, i.e. on 4 September. The founding fathers are two promising young students of Stanford University: Larry Page And Sergey Brin.

The relationship between the two young students has not always been, as we would commonly define it, “rose and flowers”, therefore there was certainly no shortage of small disagreements. The boys know each other because Page was planning to enroll in graduate school at the University of California and Brin had been given the task of making him do a tours of the building and, therefore, have them visit it.

First theory on the creation of Google

After some disagreements between the two, the couple then decided, given the evident talents and a strong passion of both for information technology and mathematics, to develop a first theory regarding the creation of a new search engine: it had to be based on the mathematical analysis of the relationships between websites to provide far better and superior results than those already existing at that time.

The theory from which they take inspiration is the “network theory”. The intuition of the two young men managed to hit the target. Indeed, within a few years Google begins to be used by many people, at first about ten and finally they became millions of surfers.

Google, why is it called that

Now let’s see together why the boys decided to use the term “Google”, which has now become part of the personal vocabulary of each of us. Page and Brin took their cue from the term “google” used to represent a number format by 1 followed by 100 zeros.

The first “headquarters”

It is curious to note how the birth of many American tech companies, and not only them, are united by the place of their birth, by what would become the first headquarters, or rather a garage. In fact, we recall, for example, the birth of the e-commerce giant or Amazon by Jeff Bezos.

Page and Brin’s garage, the very first Google “headquarters”, is located at Menlo Park, in California. The place had been rented to the two IT students by Susan Wojcicki, who in 2014 would have covered the role of CEO of YouTube.

The current official headquarters

The US company that offers online services, to date, has its headquarters in California, a Mountain Viewin the so-called Googleplex. Growing rapidly, shortly after its founding, the young couple decided to relocate.

Several times, in fact, they have moved to then settle permanently in Mountain View in 2003. This increased the rapid growth of the company which, in 2004, proposed its own public offer initial and, immediately, achieved considerable success to the point of positioning itself on the podium for being the largest media company in the world.

This is the story of the giant Big G in brief. To date, Google is not only a faithful companion who inevitably accompanies us every day, given that it is present on our computers and smartphones, but has also dedicated itself to making of products Google-branded, such as the Pixel family for example.


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