Most famous “Asian Casino Gambling”

Most famous

Asia is the largest part of the world in terms of area and population. As of the end of 2020, almost 4.671 billion people lived here. Asian countries have a huge potential for Asian Casino Gambling development, as the locals are very gambling. For example, Singaporeans rank second in the world in terms of money lost per person. About 50 casinos in Macau bring their owners 3 times more income than all similar establishments in Las Vegas. Chinese tourists have a significant impact on the growth of profits in the gambling houses of the Philippines and Cambodia.

However, the list of entertainments in Asian Casino Gambling is very different. There are also large halls with slot machines. But among other games, baccarat is the most popular. For example, tables for this entertainment are overwhelming in casinos in Macau. It speaks to the culture of the local players.

In baccarat, skills do not matter, but everything depends on luck and chance. Most other popular games in Asian countries are organized according to the same principle.”

At the same time, many game software manufacturers have paid attention to the market prospects of Eastern countries. Payers like Habanero, Red Tiger already have separate table games and slots in Asian Casino Gambling. They are also available at online casinos.

Most famous “Asian Casino Gambling”

Asian Casino Gambling is created and developed to provide the world with interesting and important information about the casinos, gaming scene of Asia. Wherever you are, this site provides all gambling information or tips for playing Asian Casino Gambling. Here are the most admired casino games in Asia, it’s a safe bet that there are many more to come.

Dragon Tiger

This game is somewhat similar to baccarat. 2 hands participate – a dragon and a tiger. Each of them gets only one card. Then the results are compared. Ace in Dragon Tiger is considered the lowest card, the rest according to seniority from 2 to king.

The user does not need to develop complex strategies. Everything is based on luck. Before trading, you need to bet on whether one of the hands will win (estimated to win 1:1) or tie (8:1). If a player bets on dragons or tigers and the same cards fall, then 50% of the amount placed on the table is returned.

Asian Casino Gambling

In addition to the main hands, additional bets can be offered for each hand:

  • Big (from ace to 6) and small (from 8 to king) cards. If seven people are dealt, the bet loses. Payments are made in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Card suit. A guessed result will bring a win of 3:1.
  • One-suited draw. The win is 50:1.

Some players have adapted Dragon Tiger for Asian Casino Gambling. You can also play in the live version Pokerdom, Friends Casino and Brillx.


Mahjong is an ancient game that is popular in many Asian countries. Recently, it has been in demand in other parts of the world. Success in Mahjongg requires strategic thinking and focus from the player.

First, it is determined which of the participants will act as the dealer. To do this, the dice are rolled and the results are compared. For the game, 136 tiles are used, of which the dealer distributes 13 face-down tiles to the participants. Bets are placed before this action and after each round.


The dice are combined by 3 or 4.. In each round, the participant can take one more bone from the table. If he has a combination of 14 pieces, he says: “Mahjong”. Otherwise, the player is forced to place a brick face down on the table and wait for their turn on the next turn. Other participants are allowed to use their opponent’s open bones to get a winning combination.

Tien Gow

A variety of Chinese games involving a pair of dice or 32 dominoes. Possible combinations give ranks: military or civil. Variations for Tien Gow using dice in descending order are shown in the table.



Nines (4-5 or 3-6)

Heaven (6-6)

Eights (2-6 or 3-5)

Earth (1-1)

Sevens (3-4 or 2-5)

Man (4-4)
Sixes (2-4)

Harmony (1-4)

Fives (1-4 or 2-3)

Plum Blossom (5-5)

Threesome final (1-2)

Long threes (3-3)

Bench (2-2)

Tiger head (5-6)

Red ten (4-6)

Long seven (1-6)

Red hammer six (1-5)

First, place a bet. The banker then throws the dice into the bowl. The results determine the rank option. If the banker manages to immediately roll the number nine or the sky, then he automatically wins. When rolling the last three or six red hammers, the result is a loser.

If there are intermediate combinations, then other players participate in the process. Their task is, in the same rank, to roll alignment on the higher bones of the banker. With an inferior combination, the player is considered defeated, and with an equal combination, a draw.

The user can keep rolling until the dice lands on the same rank as the banker.”

Asian casino gambling

Pai Gow

This game is made in China. It uses 32 domino tiles. The process involves the dealer and 7 players. First, the dominoes are shuffled on the board.. First, the dominoes are shuffled on the board. Then 8 stacks of 4 links are formed in each domino.

Players get the right to place a bet. Then the dominos are distributed. Players distribute their knuckles by 2 to the front (with a lower value of points) and back (the most expensive) hands.

Pia Gow

In the next step, each user’s dominoes are compared to the dealer’s.

  • The player has better both hands. He took the win.
  • Both of the dealer’s hands beat the user’s combinations. The casino wins.
  •  If each side has the better hand, there will be a tie. Bets are returned.

You can have a maximum of 9 points. If you exceed it, 10 points will be deducted. For example, with a combination of 15 points, only 5 points are left, and with 20 0 points.

In Pai Gow there are exceptions to the rules where you can roll more than 9. You must collect day or teen tiles for a total of 8. 

The Chinese game in the Western world was reflected in the Americanized version of Pai Gow Poker . Now it is available in many land-based & Asian Casino Gambling.

Sic Bo

The name of the traditional Chinese game translates as “precious dice”. Popular in Asian casino gambling, especially in the Philippines. Recently, it has appeared in European gambling houses and online platforms.

The game is played with 3 dice. For Sic-bo, a table is used, on which fields are drawn for placing bets on 50 different outcomes. The results are evaluated by 3 dice. While there are options to set tokens and score for 2.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is characterized by great dynamism. Unlike craps, the dice are rolled only once. The house edge changes depending on the outcomes. More chances of winning when betting on even odds. Some of the main options are shown in the table.




Casino Advantage

Sum of points from 11 to 17



On 3 dice from 4 to 10 points
Even odd
For the number of points
Same result on 3 dice


Number 4
A total of 4 points will be scored



Number 10

Received 10 points




Pachinko (Pachinko)

Gambling is banned in Japan. Only for the Olympics in Tokyo, the authorities decided to create 3 zones with a casino. At the same time, Pachinko halls spread across the country.

“For the first time, such machines appeared in the 1920s, and began to gain popularity in the late 1940s.”

Pachinko is not like a regular slot. It is an intermediate form between a slot machine and a vertical pinball. The client purchases balloons and puts them into a special bunker. The Pachinko design consists of 3 spinning reels, which the player stops at their own discretion. Using a special lever, balls are thrown into the upper part of the device. They need to stop at certain places.


If successful, the player receives additional balls or bonuses. They can then be exchanged for physical goods. Winnings are not released due to the gambling ban.

There are over 34,000 professional Pachinko players in Japan, earning an average of $3,000 per month.

Andar Bahar

This game comes from South India. Recently, it has gained popularity not only in Asian casino games, but has also gained popularity in casinos in other regions of the world.Andar Bahar slot machines and live dealer games are already available to users.

An unlimited number of people can participate in the distribution. A deck of 52 cards is used. Players do not receive cards but only bet on possible outcomes.

The dealer manages the process. In some versions of the game, the first user is offered to bet on low (2-7), high (9-ace) . Then a card is dealt, which is known as a farce. The player then has the option to bet on any hand Andar or Bahar.

Andar Bahar

Then the sequential delivery begins. As soon as one of the hands has a card similar to the joker, the game ends. Users who bet correctly will be rewarded.

In some types of Andar Bahar, they offer an additional bet that one of the hands will get the first card, which is equivalent to a joker card.

Dou Dizhu

Chinese game in which 3 people take part. The game uses a deck of 54 cards. Each participant receives 14, 3 more remain in the bank. Then, players make a judgment on what they have in hand. For example, the first user considers his card weak and folded. The second participant rates the hand as 2 and the third as 3. Accordingly, the latter becomes the “owner of the field”, receiving and displaying the remaining cards.

The task in the game is to quickly get rid of your cards. And it is enough for the “peasants” that one person does it first. The suit is unimportant. Card seniority increases in the following order 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace-2-Black Joker-Red Joker. In Dou Dizhu, players can have 13 different combinations in their hand.

Niu Niu

The game is widespread in land-based casinos in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. There are also versions for online platforms aimed at Asian casino games.

The game uses from one (in land-based gambling houses) to 6 (in online casinos) regular decks of 52 cards each. Niu Niu is somewhat reminiscent of baccarat . The card has the following value:

  • Ace – 1 point.
  • 2-10 – at face value.
  • Jack, queen and king – 0 points.

Niu Niu

The game uses 2 hands, on the victory of which participants can bet. Toss a coin and additional options for the outcome are also provided.

“In the live version, the casino client can play against the dealer.”

The highest card is the king, and the lowest card is the ace. Not more than 9 points, because the case of exceeding 10 points is deducted.

The dealer deals 5 cards to 2 hands. At the same time, he tries to make sure that the optimal combination is obtained. The best options for seniority are:

  • The combination of 2 and 3 cards, has a total value of 0 points. This situation is called Niu Niu.
  • 0 points with 3 and 1 to 9 points with 2 cards. With an increase in the second part of the combination, the rating increases.
  • The number of points in a part of a hand of 3 cards.

With equal combinations in some game variations, combinations can be counted. In order of seniority, spades come first, then hearts, diamonds, and clubs.


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