NFT games use blockchain technology to:

  1. Verify ownership history
  2. Blockchain-protected assets are immutable and cannot be changed or edited.
  3. Decentralization: available to all players to view and use

In this article, we have listed some of the best NFT games of 2021 that will let you earn money. These games are fun and you can trade your items, in-game characters with other players. Many of them are free NFT games that you can play to earn rewards and the Crypto Gaming Bulls Telegram channel. discusses the latest free NFT games that can help you make money.

The best NFT games to play right now

Here is a selection of the list of blockchain games selected for November, some of which are not yet playable as they are in beta testing.

  1. Sandbox: Overall the best NFT virtual gaming platform
  2. Battle of the Guardians: New Blockchain Multiplayer NFT Gaming Platform
  3. Simple Cyber: Defense Battle NFT game mixed with hero collection

No. 1. Sandbox: Overall the best NFT virtual gaming platform

The Sandbox is a virtual-style metaverse where you can own land, play games, or create your own games. You can take control of a vast virtual world as a collector, artist, game developer, or just a gamer who roams the metaverse, hopping around the world from game to game. The sandbox is built on the Ethereum network and has its own cryptocurrency called Sand.

This is one of the most publicized metaverses in cryptocurrency. He has developed an editor that can be used to create models and animations for a future version of the blockchain. If you’re looking to buy digital land or real estate, this is one of the best games to play and it’s likely to have a big presence in the metaverse.

Number 3. Battle of the Guardians: New Blockchain Multiplayer NFT Gaming Platform

Battle of the Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multiplayer NFT PvP arena developed with the Unreal Engine. This is an advanced fighting game based on the Solana network in which players constantly fight to defeat other opponents and get more rewards. This allows users to benefit not only from the power of the blockchain, but also from its unmatched graphics. Here, players can engage in fierce multi-world battles across various areas of the massive SciFi game world. BOG is designed for PC gamers, but will eventually support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

BOG believes in the future of the Metaverse and is committed to building a secure gaming economy with long-term potential. With every new game released, BOG is creating a fun and engaging gaming metaverse with stunning graphics, unique NFTs, and multiple real money making opportunities.

The global gaming market is now worth over US$300 billion. Whereas, the NFT gaming market is less than 10%. The gaming industry, especially NFT Fighting Game, has much more potential.

Number 3. Simple Cyber: Defense Battle NFT game mixed with hero collection

Idle Cyber ​​is a border defense game set in the year 2088 where humans command a mutant squad, defend a wall, kill cyborgs, and defeat giant bosses to protect humanity.

Our review:
Idle Cyber ​​is built on BSC and looks promising, players will have many opportunities to earn, bet and trade NFTs to make good money. This project is solid and investors can also make good money by investing in their game.

#4 Axie Infinity: Best NFT Game for Pokemon Lovers

Axie Infinity is an NFT game inspired by Pokemon etymology and developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of millions of adorable fantasy creatures called Axis that players can collect, raise, fight and sell as digital pets. Its core philosophy is play to earn and it rewards its users for their time and effort. These rewards come in the form of an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) token that you can earn through gameplay. SLP tokens can be exchanged for other Ethereum tokens on decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap or Binance.

Axie Infinity is arguably one of the best cryptocurrencies out there. Everything from user experience to tokenomics is carefully designed and implemented. With a market capitalization of $42 million in sales in June 2021 and projected sales of over $1 billion this year, it is currently the most expensive collection of NFTs. It is available on various operating systems for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. Their vision is to create a virtual economy where you can own and manage your business, or even save, invest and spend your money without even rushing to your bank.

What are the pros and cons of NFT games?

NFT is a rare unique digital asset that can appreciate in value.

NFT-based video games like Axie Infinity have become more popular as emerging and established developers launch their NFT-based games. These games can provide a fun escape from reality.

Benefits of NFTs

Digital Creation Licensing Solution: NFTs cannot simply be duplicated or copied indefinitely. Each of them is associated with a different value, since each non-fungible token exists in a decentralized digital ledger based on blockchain technology.

Opportunity to profit from digital assets. Monetization is another potential advantage of NFTs. Converting digital items into digital assets essentially means assigning a monetary value to them. The early stage of non-fungible tokens is the monetization of digital works of art.

Various Internet memes have also become digital assets, such as a viral video clip. Charlie bit my finger, disaster girl meme, nanny cat YouTube videos and popular Doge meme sold for $4 million in June 2021.

Collectibles, fundraising and games. Physical collectibles such as baseballs and NBA cards have become digital assets by creating their digital equivalents and displaying them with non-fungible tokens. The tokenization of these gaming assets could also be the basis for the development of video games based on the “play to earn” principle.

Investing and trading non-fungible tokens: Converting digital files into non-fungible digital assets results in delivery restrictions. What’s more interesting? In fact, you can never play the game and still make money from NFT items.

For example, the digital collectible “CryptoPunk #3100” was first sold for $2,127 in 2017, when it was sold to another collector in 2021, the original collector made over $7.5 million in return for the investment.


NFT hype and concerns about uncertainty. Those who have bought digital assets minted by NFTs believe that what they have is an investment. However, the current craze for buying these assets has led some experts to liken the phenomenon of an economic bubble that will eventually burst in NFT investments. Of course, a few non-fungible tokens have proven their worth and upside potential, but there is still room for over-speculation and herd investment in NFTs.

Environmental problems of blockchain technology. A notable disadvantage of NFTs is that the underlying blockchain technology behind its development has a significant impact on the environment. Remember that the world is still dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Games

How to access NFT gaming platforms?

The new crypto paradigm allows players to invest time and/or money in protecting NFT items in the game. You store these items in your inventory or NFT wallet and the more people join the game, the higher the demand for these items and you can sell them again for real currency. As gamers play games on mobile devices, consoles and PCs both online and offline, the revenue generated from these NFTs goes to fund the game’s “play to earn” feature.

What are crypto wallets?

A crypto wallet is a place where you can keep your crypto assets safe. There are many different types of crypto wallets, however the most popular are hosted wallets, non-custodial wallets, and hardware wallets that you can use to earn from cryptocurrencies.

What are in-game transactions?

In-game transactions refer to items or points that a player can purchase to use in the virtual world to upgrade a character or enhance the game experience. These in-game purchases are the primary means by which free games generate income for their creators.

Conclusion: Which NFT Game Should You Play or Invest in?

The NFT games listed above have effectively entered the gaming industry as part of a puzzle. Because they are highly entertaining and lucrative, gamers enjoy some of their favorite gaming genres as well as being at the forefront of the current NFT craze.

As of 2021, global cryptocurrency ownership levels have grown by an average of 3.9% and there are over 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

According to the study, 38% of them are millennials between the ages of 21 and 38, and they make up the largest age group.

NFT video games are a relatively new concept and people are jumping on the crypto bandwagon, mostly because of the good returns they guarantee in the real world. Scarcity, proven ownership, and the ability to transfer assets to another player make it more demanding.

With the growing interest of billionaire investors and retail traders, there is huge potential for cryptocurrencies to become more involved in the gaming industry.

There are many games in development in 2021, and some of them are already on the market. 2023 has already scheduled the release of several nft games. Thus, anyone who is currently in this space has the advantage of moving early. This rids us of intermediaries and takes one step towards the future.


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